After you’ve created your earning App with Google Admob, there are a few things you should do to make sure your app is safe.

Don’t just hop into Android studio or other app maker and start designing an app without planning and having an idea of what function you want your Mobile App to serve. Make a rough sketch of something you can accomplish and make on your own, and then use test ads to utilize it and test run your program to avoid the ad serving limit, then replace it with the original advertisements unit once you’re pleased.

And if you are hiring a Developer, hire a professional one and describe to your Developer what type of App you want and all files should be submitted such as the App Bundle , APK and the Source Code for future use .

After successfully creating your App , There are certain things you need to put in place to make your Admob Account more safer .

  • Make sure your App is Google Admob Policy Compliant : Read and learn about Google Admob Policy before jumping into it because even the experienced one’s still can’t do it perfectly.
  • Connect and register your App on firebase: Register your App on firebase using the package name , Download the Google json documents and link it to your App , it’s also essential for push Notifications, Registration purposes and many other functions.
  • Set up your App Privacy Policy : It’s Very important to set up your App privacy policy because users needs to know the details they will be dropping on your App and mostly all the information’s your App entails
  • Upload and Publish your App to Google Play Store: It’s important to Publish your App on Google Play Store like this , not just because you want to be able to reach billions of users but because it’s another way to get your Admob Account fully verified as a real publisher.


  • Verify your App on your Admob Account after your App has been published successfully : It helps prevent ads serving limit , even if you have ads limit and you do this , it will be lifted .
App verification

Your Account will look like this when verified instead of in Review.

It will show Ready in Green Color .

App Ready
  • Update ads.txt on your website : It’s assumed that as a Developer having an App , you must have a website. So you need to put the ads.txt on your website for proper verification. Life has gone beyond not having a website , you need a Website or Blog Spot as a Developer or even as an individual .
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  • Lastly , Promote your App : Promote your App on Facebook or via Google AdWords to get more users and not self click, Self clicking is a total waste of time and money , you will get banned and your account will be terminated.

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In Conclusion , Do Google Admob the right way by following Google Admob policies adversely and Hire a Professional Developer to create a  standard App for you.


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