The Google Santa Tracker is now available, allowing you to track Santa’s exact location and estimate when he will arrive to your location

Santa Tracker on Google
According to Google’s website, on Christmas Eve, it will release “a tracking experience where you can follow Santa and his reindeer as they deliver presents to youngsters all across the world.”

On December 24, you can now use Google Assistant to track Santa’s location.

Since 2004, Google has been tracking Santa’s worldwide route on Christmas Eve. Santa’s first stop, they estimate, will be shortly after 10 p.m. local time in “far eastern Russia,” with a total journey time of 25 hours.


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Cory, thanks for posting this. It’s reassuring to know that others go through the same ups and downs. I feel you…Great point, Nathalie! And thanks for stopping by. All of it is data to help make the experience better for you and your clients.