About APP Readiness and how to verify your App on Google Admob to serve ads and remove ads limitation

About app readiness and ways to get this fixed

It is very important you set up your App Readiness from Requires Review to Ready to enable your App to serve ads and remove or lift existing ads limit on your Google Admob Account . Here are some steps with a VIDEO on how to do this below.

App Readiness Video

When you create a new app in AdMob, it must be evaluated and approved before it can begin serving advertising. This assists us in creating a clean and safe advertising ecosystem for you and your sponsors. It also gives you a consolidated, at-a-glance view of all your apps and their approval status, as well as actionable comments.

Before your App can be reviewed , All this must be checked.

Your app must be made public or published . This indicates that users can access your app.
Your App must be available in a compatible app store. This indicates your program has a store listing and can be downloaded from that app store.
Your app must be properly configured in AdMob and linked to a supported store.

How to Set Up App Readiness ? 

Sign in to your AdMob account at https://apps.admob.com.

Click Apps in the sidebar.

Click on the particular App you want to verify. 

You will see App stores at the top of requires Review , Select Add (Note that if you are using smartphone , you need to put it on Desktop mode)

In the search space , enter your App name or Play store link or any of the supported app store link and select from the checkbox from any of the supported App store if your app is not published on play store and click on Search

Select your App and click on Add

Submit and Save

Within 24 hours , you will get a mail from Google about the status of your App either approved or disapproved.

The table below shows the statuses of your App and what they mean.

StatusWhat it means
Getting ready We’re looking into your app. This normally takes a couple of days, but we may need more time in some circumstances to examine your app.
Requires reviewYour app has not yet been reviewed. You must link your app to a supported app store in order for it to be evaluated. In the All Apps or App settings pages, you can link a supported store to your app and submit it for review.
Needs attentionBefore your app may display advertisements, you must address a few difficulties. Go to the Policy center in your AdMob account to see more information about the concerns discovered in your app. Then, under the Disapproved apps page, click.
ReadyYour app is now ready to deliver advertisements. We’ve either lifted the ad serving constraints imposed during the evaluation or certified ad ready. To avoid interruptions in ad serving, ensure that you adhere to the AdMob program policies and Google Platform regulations at all times. Our monitoring services and teams are always looking over your apps. If your app is flagged for a policy infringement, you’ll be notified through email and in the Policy section of your AdMob account.

What should you do if your app isn’t ready to display ads?

If your app is rejected, you will be notified by email and on the All Apps page of your AdMob account. The apps that are not yet ready to show advertising can be found under the Policy Center’s Disapproved apps area. Disapproved apps will have ad serving deactivated, which means that all advertising will be prohibited on your app.

To solve this issue , kindly read more about App readiness .

Common reasons your app isn’t ready to serve ads

IssueWhat you can do
Your app doesn’t adhere to program policies.This indicates that your app is currently not in accordance with program policies. Examine the AdMob program policies and the Google Platforms Program policies, and handle any issues that may arise with your app. After you’ve taken the necessary actions to resolve the issue, you may seek a review of your app under the Policy center’s Disapproved apps area. Click Fix next to the app, confirm your changes, and then click Request review.
Your app couldn’t be verified. This could be due to a problem with the app information you provided: Check that your store ID, package name, or app name is right. Make certain there are no typos. If you’re utilizing a package name from a third-party app store, ensure that you copied it directly from the shop. If you submitted any wrong information, you must reinstall your app. Apps cannot be deleted, but they can be hidden from the All apps page.

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