Nigeria Shocking News About a Man That Turned 2 kids (School Pupils) to Yam in Ibadan

NGCrush has received the following information from a lady:

I drove my kids to school because I’d only seen it on TV (Yoruba movies) where a herbalist would convert a guy into a hen, cat, or goat.

However, this occurred in real life today.

Along the Basorun High School road, an old man nearly 65 years old pretended to be a MAD MAN and dropped two N1,000 notes on the ground, and four students, two boys and two girls, were coming (on their way to Basorun High School) when two of them, one boy and one girl, picked the money and immediately turned to Yam, the remaining two students quickly ran to school to inform the security guards.

Later, police and Amotekun arrived to arrest the man, but the kids in the area refused to let him go.

However, the individual admitted to them that he was sent by one Alhaja to the academy area near the ROSE WALE FILLING STATION. Later, Agidigbo FM removed the Man. Though the man stated that only Alhaja has the ability to transform students into humans, when I arrived at Alhaja’s house, she was nowhere to be seen.

The awe will never stop……..

May the Almighty God keep us safe and guide our children, IJN.

The investigation into this case is still ongoing.


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