Woman applauded after giving birth on transatlantic flight

After giving birth on transa, a woman was applauded. Those around a pregnant woman who gave birth unexpectedly on an aircraft going from Ghana to the United States were “shocked and applauded.”

On the 29th of January, the new mother, identified only as GG, gave birth prematurely to a baby boy on board the airplane.

The baby was delivered by a Ghanaian doctor who turned the plane’s business class section into a makeshift maternity unit.

According to an eye witness, the Ghanaian woman had planned to give birth later in February.

Nancy Adobea Anane, a journalist, was on the flight from Accra. When an on-board announcement was given, she told NGCrush that people were initially confused.

“Most of them heard the call for assistance from medical personnel but didn’t know what was going on,” she said.

“I became anxious for the safety of the baby and mother, and the possibility of a detour for an emergency landing.”

Dr Stephen Ansah-Addo with journalist Nancy Adobea Anane who were on the flight
Image caption,Dr Stephen Ansah-Addo (left) helped to deliver the baby on the flight

Having heard the request for help Dr Stephen Ansah-Addo, who practises in the US, set about delivering the baby.

“Myself, a nurse and the flight attendants… took [the mother] slowly through the process and she delivered a beautiful baby boy,” Dr Stephen Ansah-Addo said.

Ms. Anane described how the baby arrived 45 minutes after the birth procedure began.

“Her birth was swift, like 30 to 45 minutes,” according to the report, and was followed by “screaming and the baby’s familiar cry.”

When the new mother and baby arrived in Washington, paramedics met them and provided them with additional medical care.

It’s unusual, but not unheard of, to give birth in the air.

A Canadian doctor assisted in the delivery of a baby on an overnight trip from Saudi Arabia to Uganda in January.

According to the National Health Service of the United Kingdom, the risk of going into labor increases after 37 weeks of pregnancy, hence several airlines will not allow pregnant women to fly after this time.

It adds that flying while pregnant isn’t generally harmful to a mother and baby, but any health issues or pregnancy complications should be discussed with a midwife or doctor before flying.


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