YouTube Shorts now pays up to $10,000 to content creators. Here’s how to do it.

As a reward for generating exciting and engaging content on the platform, YouTube Shorts creators can now receive a portion of a new $100 million YouTube Shorts Fund, which will be awarded throughout the years 2021-22.

The fund will be delivered as a bonus payment to thousands of eligible producers each month, based on the performance of their material the previous month.

Creators can win up to $10,000 based on the number of people that watch and engage with their Shorts content. To be eligible, channels must meet the basic eligibility requirements, which are updated every month to let other producers to be recognized for their innovative and distinctive Shorts.

The Shorts Fund is the first step in creating a revenue model for Shorts on YouTube, and it gives creators an opportunity to earn money and grow their businesses as the globe concentrates on economic recovery. A few months ago, YouTube Shorts launched the $100 million YouTube Shorts Fund.

Shorts makers have already garnered millions of subscribers to their Shorts-only channels all over the world.

Try these six techniques to generate fascinating and engaging content on the platform if you’re a Nigerian creator wishing to make your own Shorts videos and take advantage of the Shorts Fund.

  • Add some music to your video to make it more interesting.

Your YouTube Shorts video may appear boring if there is no music playing in the background. By hitting the Add Music icon at the top and picking one of the preset tunes, you may add music to your Shorts. You may then use the song to make lip sync and dancing videos.

In your YouTube Shorts video, you can also include audio from other YouTube videos. To add music, go to the ‘Add Music’ option and you’ll be led to a library of music from well-known musicians. The page also displays the most popular tracks in Shorts videos.

  • Adjust the speed of your video to suit your idea

With YouTube Shorts, you have more freedom to experiment with the recording speed. Any of the five possible speeds can be used to produce slow-mo or sped-up effects.

With the Speed button, you can slow down or speed up a video by 0.3 or 3 times.

  • Add text to your video

Would you like to add different text styles and colors to the Shorts video? From the Next screen, you may add different text styles and customize them with different colors, alignments, widths, and other variables.

Give it a shot.

Video from your phone’s gallery can be imported.

You could already have videos that you think would be excellent for your YouTube Shorts video in some cases. There is no need to be concerned. You may use the Shorts camera to not only record videos, but also to upload videos from your gallery to create the next viral video.

It’s as simple as selecting a video from the gallery icon in the bottom left corner of the record screen, modifying it to your liking, adding commentary or music, and then saving it.

  • String multiple video clips together

In order to create the best video, you may need to pause and resume filming in between takes. With the multi-segment camera on YouTube Shorts, you can string multiple video clips together, removing the need for an external editor.

Simply release the record button while shooting to pause the video and resume recording when you push the record button again.

  • Make your video eye-catching with video filters 

Content creators will be able to switch to varying filters in the recording and editing screens within the Shorts camera. Filters enable users to colour correct footage or change the look & feel of a video.


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