‘Vindicated’ Andrew Cuomo says he regrets leaving over a “false” sex pest investigation and won’t rule out running for governor of New York again: Blasts Attorney General Letitia James, claiming that the instability at CNN is her “collateral damage.”

Andrew Cuomo, the former governor of New York, says he regrets leaving over ‘false’ allegations that he sexually harassed many women and that he will consider running again, but only after he has ‘exposed’ Attorney General Letitia James for pursuing him.

  • Cuomo resigned last year after Attorney General Letitia James released her report
  • She claimed he was a ‘serial sexual harasser’; he has always denied the claims
  • Now, he says he shouldn’t have bowed to public pressure to resign 
  • His brother Chris was fired from CNN for helping him through the scandal 
  • In his revenge, Chris outed CNN President Jeff Zucker for his affair 
  • Now, all three men are out of a job and Cuomo blames it on the AG’s report
  • He says he won’t rule out running again but not until after James has been ‘exposed’ for going after him 

Cuomo resigned last year after James published a lengthy report accusing him of being a chronic sex harasser. She based her conclusions on the accounts of 11 women who claimed Cuomo had made them uncomfortable at best or grabbed them at worst.

The final of five criminal investigations ended last week after a District Attorney in upstate New York ruled that there were insufficient legal grounds to file criminal charges against him.

He has always maintained his innocence and claims he stepped down to avoid being a ‘distraction’ for the state.

He now claims he regrets his decision and thinks he should have stood firm. He also feels James is to blame for the upheaval at CNN.

The network fired Chris Cuomo after he aided Andrew, his older brother, through the sex pest issue. In retaliation, Chris revealed to CNN’s top executives this week that Jeff Zucker, the network’s long-serving president, has been having an affair with his top aide for several years.

Andrew Cuomo is no longer in government, and both Chris Cuomo and Jeff Zucker have left CNN.

In an interview with Bloomberg published on Monday, he said: ‘I never resigned because I said I did something wrong. 

‘I said, I’m resigning because I don’t want to be a distraction.

‘It turns out in a remarkably short period of time that it did become all bogus. 11 became zero. 

‘If you do an honest summary, which is what I get from people on the street, I have been vindicated,’ he said, referring to the 11 women who accused him in the original report. 

He believes James was politically motivated to remove him from office – something that was briefly confirmed when James announced she was considering running for Governor – and he wants to ‘expose’ her for it. 

‘[The report] hurt a lot of people in a lot of different ways. And it was a brand of ugly politics like I had never seen before,’ he told Bloomberg, adding that his brother’s firing was more upsetting to him than his own resignation. 

Cuomo added that AG James worked against the #MeToo movement by unfairly weaponizing it. 

‘What they did here, I believe, undermines the MeToo movement, the women’s movement, and the law.’ Because if you politicize or trivialize accusations, the next lady with a legitimate claim will be tarred with the same brush,’ he explained.

Brittany Commisso was the one who made the claim. Cuomo reached for her breast.

Brittany Commisso was the one who made the claim. Cuomo reached for her breast.

He wouldn’t rule out running for politics again, but only after he’d ‘exposed’ James.

‘I’m still focused on getting the word out about what happened here.’ Because it must be exposed as a precedent. He stated, “Vindication is not the motivation to seek for government.”

Despite the fact that Cuomo was not charged criminally, James argues that her inquiry delivered the truth.

‘No one, even Andrew Cuomo, can deny that multiple investigations deemed complaints of sexual harassment against him to be legitimate,’ she told Bloomberg.

‘Only he is to blame for inappropriately assaulting his own employees and then quitting to avoid being impeached.’ Andrew Cuomo is a serial sexual harasser, and his frivolous attacks will not change that.’

Cuomo was accused of largely non-physical misconduct.

The women’s claims were mostly based on comments or jokes that they said made them feel uncomfortable.

Brittany Commisso, a former employee, claims he touched her breast, which he denies.



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