Russia-Ukraine War: US issues warning to countries of the world, announces next course of action

President Joe Biden of the United States has cautioned that any country that supports Russian aggression against Ukraine will be tarnished by association.

On Thursday, the President issued the warning while speaking to reporters at the White House on the Russia-Ukraine crisis.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on Thursday has sparked concern in neighboring countries, with fears that it could escalate into a full-fledged World War.

In an apparent message to Moscow’s allies, Biden stated that any country that supports Russia’s “blatant aggression” and “completely indefensible” war against Ukraine will be tarnished by association.

“Fear and oppression are far less strong than liberty, democracy, and human decency,” Biden told reporters.

Biden unleashed a direct attack on Russian President Vladimir Putin, announcing a new round of penalties against the country.

Biden also stated that the US will consult with India on the Ukraine problem following Russia’s military intervention.

“We’ll meet with India for talks” (on the Ukrainian crisis). “We haven’t totally settled that,” he remarked.
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