How to make money on NGCRUSH.COM

Welcome to NGCRUSH – TopNotch Jobs , News , Blog and Community Network, A platform to ask questions , get and give answers to posts while you make money online .

  • Breakdown of making money on NGCRUSH:

Instant N1,000 registration bonus when you register on NGCRUSH.COM

💎 New Users registration bonus- N1,000

💎 Referring Sign Ups – N200.00

💎 Referring Visitors – N10.00

💎 Daily site visits – N20.00

Minimum Withdrawal limit is N20,000

Registration is very simple and straightforward , just visit NGCrush and click on register as shown in the screenshot below .

Then complete the registration form and submit .

  • How do i make money?

After successful Registration , Click on Forum and select the left menu bar as shown in the screenshot below .

Click on Forum

Click on the left menu bar to see your Wallet, Account page , Profile Page and get your referral link.

My Account
  • How to get my Referral Link ?

Click on account as seen on the screenshot above , click on my wallet , then select Referral and there you will see your referral link , copy it out and start making your money whenever you refer anyone .

Select my wallet

Click on Referrals.

Under your referrals , you will see your referral link and statistics.

  • How to create post and share ?

Go back to Forum and click on Add Topic , and enter the topic and description, then submit it to get paid .

Add Topic
  • How can I like , comment and share post ?

Just click on post of your choice , you can click on like button , comment and share the post and get credited for doing that .

Share posts

You can share on Facebook, WhatsApp , Twitter , LinkedIn and others and get paid for doing that .

  • How can I Cash Out ?

When you meet up with the minimum withdrawal of N20,000 naira , you can click on the cash out button at the left menu bar to send your payout request to us to process .

  • When will I get paid?

Your money will be processed after sending your cashout request to us and we have confirmed your wallet balance to be exactly N20,000 or above , then also verify that you have been an active member that posts , comments , likes , share posts and refer on the platform , then your payment will be processed on the 28th and get it by 28th or latest the 7th day of the next month after cash out request .

  • What is your Payment method ?

Payment method is by local transfer to your bank account if you are a Nigeria , other countries can select PayPal , Bank deposit or BTC. Nigerians too can select different payment method but it’s not available now.

  • Membership and Referral based Investment (Coming Soon)

You can also upgrade to membership plans to make fast money and withdraw instantly once you refer 3 people that also join the membership plan.

Open the referral link and when the site opens , Click on become an Affiliate Member or Click on Affiliate Centre Tab menu and click on becoming an Affiliate Member, to invest , click on invest now and select your preferred affordable plans . Then fill in your details .

Membership Plans
❄️ Basic Investor
Entry cost: N2,000
ROI: 100%
Return Amount: N4,000
Numbers of Referrals : 2

❄️ Standard Investor
Entry cost: N5,000
ROI: 100%
Return Amount: N10,000
Numbers of Referrals : 2

❄️ Premium Investor
Entry cost: N20,000
ROI: 100%
Return Amount: N40,000
Numbers of Referrals : 2

❄️ Platinum
Entry cost: N50,000
ROI: 100%
Return Amount: N100,000
Numbers of Referrals : 2

❄️ Bronze Investor
Entry cost: N100,000
ROI: 100%
Return Amount: N200,000
Numbers of Referrals : 2

❄️ Silver Investor
Entry cost: N250,000
ROI: 100%
Return Amount: N500,000
Numbers of Referrals : 2

❄️ Gold Investor
Entry cost: N500,000
ROI: 100%
Return Amount: N1,000,000
Numbers of Referrals : 2

❄️ Withdrawal Options
Direct Transfer

Premium Members can withdraw once 2 referrals has been completed
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Reading your article helped me a lot and I agree with you. But I still have some doubts, can you clarify for me? I’ll keep an eye out for your answers.