War: Ukrainian President Zelensky talks on surrendering to Russian forces

Volodymyr Zelensky, the President of Ukraine, has denied claims that he was preparing to surrender to Russian soldiers.

The suggestions, according to Zelensky, are a “childish provocation.”

According to CNN, a banner on a Ukrainian newscast stated that Zelensky was urging his people to lay down their arms.

In a video statement, Zelensky stated, “I can only implore the Russian troops to lay down their rifles and come home.”

“We’ve already returned home; we’re defending our land and our children.” We’re not giving up any weapons until we’ve won.”

Meanwhile President Biden announced $800 million in additional security assistance to Ukraine.

Biden made the announcement during remarks from the White House on Wednesday.

This brings the total to $1 billion in aid announced in just last week.

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