Staff orders Nigerian man and his Ukrainian wife out of restaurant in Germany, calls police on them

“Go back to where you came from” – R*cist staff in Germany orders a Nigerian man and his Ukrainian wife out of a restaurant and calls the police on them.

A Nigerian man who fled Ukraine due to the ongoing conflict has accused the staff of racial discrimination at a restaurant in Mannheim, Germany.

According to Blessed B, he went to the restaurant with his Ukrainian wife, but after nearly two hours of waiting for their order, one of the wait staff told them to leave.

The worker can be heard telling the couple to return to “where they came from” in the video he posted on Instagram.

The staff then called the cops on the couple after his wife expressed her displeasure with the way he left them to attend to their needs.

“Guys this restaurant in Mannheim @spaghettioper_offiziell are full of racists/nazis/xenophobes staffs we was there to order food and after waiting for over 1.5hr he told us to go back to where we come from Ukraine,” he wrote.

“Even called the police on us because my wife got pissed of how he was literally leaving us and going to attend to other customers that arrived after us while taking down our order .kindly help me report this page and show them spaghettioper_offiziell that nobody has the right to make mockery of any country facing war.”
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