Dr Joseph Kabungo, the Confederation of African Football’s Doping Officer for the match between Nigeria and Ghana, has died after violence erupted after the match ended in a 1-1 draw in Abuja.

The Confederation of African Football’s Doping Officer for the game between Nigeria and Ghana, Dr Joseph Kabungo, has d!ed after violence erupted when the match ended in 1-1 draw in Abuja.

Dr. Joseph Kabungo, a Zambian medical practitioner on duty as a doping officer, suddenly collapsed and d!ed, according to British-Nigerian journalist Osasu Obayiuwana.

“Sad news: I understand that an official for the NGSuperEagles v GhanaBlackstars match (not a referee or assistant referee) died in #Abuja today,” Obayiuwana initially tweeted.

He also wrote in another tweet: “Dr. Joseph Kabungo of Zambia is the latest update. He was working as a Doping Officer. He d!ed and collapsed unexpectedly. The cause of death has not yet been determined. His family, the Zambia Football Association, and the Zambian government have all been informed.”

Collins Atta Poku, a Ghanaian sports journalist who was present at the time, stated the official lost consciousness after being attacked and trodden on as spectators attempted to flee the stadium.

“They thrashed him, he fell, and they surrounded him. He went into cardiac arrest and was transported to an ambulance near the Ghana dressing for CPR. The entire Ghanaian contingent stood by and observed as oxygen mask resuscitation attempts were conducted. Later, he was taken to the hospital, and now this is Sad.” he penned

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