General Overseer of RCCG , Pastor E. A Adeboye said he doesn’t know if election will take place yet

He said by this time last election , God already spoken to him about the last election but he haven’t heard anything yet about the coming election .

He said many things are happening currently in Nigeria .

He stated that Kaduna attack is so severe that it’s risky to go to Kaduna now by air , road or rail. He said why Kaduna of all places and who is trying to hold Kaduna , and which state is next .

He also said mostly 80% of our crude oil are been stolen and who are these people doing the stealing . Like 80% Nigeria revenue also is used to pay back loan and we are still borrowing more .

Pastor Adeboye said he doesn’t want to get involved in politics to avoid distractions but he encouraged all the members of the redeemed Christian Church of God to get their voters card and vote for the candidate of their choice . Some said why is he advising his church members to go into politics, he said if the witches can do politics why not Christian’s.

He said I will only pray for Nigeria and all the candidates and politics parties but he’s not getting involved in politics that ” Let the will of God be done as regards the next Nigeria President “.
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