Afolabi Abiola Olamide, who was shot by police and brought to an unidentified hospital, has died, prompting protests in Osogbo.

Abiola’s girlfriend had asked for her boyfriend in a post a few days earlier.

He went to see a friend named Matthew, and while he was having dinner with Matthew and his fiancée, cops barged in without a warrant to conduct a raid, she stated.

Matthew and his fiancée were arrested when Abiola was shot in the leg and brought away, but the fiancée was eventually released.

The police have now confirmed that Abiola is dead, claiming that Abiola, Matthew, and Matthew’s fiancée were caught at the scene of a heist, which resulted in Abiola being shot.

But people are asking questions, like why Matthew’s fiancée was released if indeed they were caught robbing.

Some youths have taken to the Ola-Iya axis of Osogbo, Osun State, to protest the killing of one 27-year-old Abiola.

Abiola’s brother is said to be su*cidal and has shared several WhatsApp statuses hinting at taking his life.
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